Bird houses of extraordinary artistic quality

At the nearby farmer’s market in the Hudson Valley a local artist occasionally sells bird houses that he makes out of old materials, and they took our breath away.

The artistry is extraordinary and yet there they all are, on a table, no big deal.


The front of each one has a kind of scene — sometimes a landscape with foreground and background, a cliff and light house in one, etc etc.

Yes, we bought one.


I had a breakthrough of sorts last weekend in my enactment of water color layering.  I can only describe the process as an act of faith — that is, of trusting that the object of the painting will eventually look the way one wants it to (it really does not come into focus until near the end).


I also enjoyed noticing that the banana (the real one in front of me) had some orange glow in it, a revelation that occurred only after an enforced relaxation of my thought process and a simultaneous deep-looking.