Wood Pile in spring

We burned just about every piece of wood last winter (in our stove) and decided not to wait until the last minute to buy some more. Sitting at a desk all day screams out for outdoor activity and when the purveyor of the wood offers to stack it, we always say “no thanks, we’ll do it”.

Once it is done, it feels like a grand achievement, which is ridiculous, but also makes sense.

WoodPile in spring


There is also a satisfaction in knowing we have wood for next winter this far ahead of time (occasionally one surprises oneself).

Rainbows on Wood Pile

I was about to transfer some fire wood from one location to another one closer to the wood burning stove (one of my favorite inventions ever) and was blown away by the site of various splashes of rainbow-color on several pieces of wood.

Rainbows on wood

How beautiful is this?