Baroque music in the Hudson Valley

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a performance of Baroque music by four classical musicians — Cello, Piano, and two singers (a Soprano and a Baritone). The event took place in a small church in the Hudson Valley and it was sublime.

In the photo below you can see the church steeple nestled in the trees.


The program included works by Bach, Handel, and Vitali, and I will confess to having experienced strong feelings of appreciation for western culture — its music, its architecture, its spirituality (“Rejoice greatly” was particularly moving, from Handel’s Messiah), its overall sensibility.

It occurred to me that three of the four performers were women and that in many parts of the world (and across thousands of years of history) women are not being / would not have been afforded the opportunity to excel and stand tall as world-class musicians. For that matter, in some places music itself is considered taboo.

But we are here, now, and rejoice greatly.



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