Weekly Love Affair.1

I saw this watch online today and it became This Week’s Love Affair for me (photos courtesy of http://www.watchesbysjx.com).



It is the Glashütte Original Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition and it hits hard on many of my favorite things:

  • Blue steel hands
  • Roman numerals
  • “Railroad track” for minutes
  • Skeletonized movement
  • Not just time only (moon phase is nice)
  • Mix of silver and gold

It also avoids a problem I have with other references by Glashutte, namely the more typical over-weighting (in my opinion) of the Glashutte logo. Here is another Glashutte dial so that you can see what I mean:


This logo in particular is like having a pebble in my shoe, and I don’t want to experience that every time I look at the watch face. The smallest design infraction (as measured by my own taste) is enough to cross a watch off of the wish list.

This makes me admire the leading watch brands in that they manage to please enough people with their designs to stay in business (though the digitization of time-keeping at the moment is certainly depressing the industry).

As is usual for high-end watches like this, the finishing on this particular movement is a delicious sight to behold:


They don’t call fine watches “wearable art” for no reason.

I like skeletonize watches because it allows the wearer to see the movement while wearing the watch, and in this case the artwork is distinctive on both sides.

And so another watch makes it to the wish list…


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