Weekly Love Affair.2

This just in from MeisterSinger — The Peter Henlein edition.

I love this watch, and only 15 are being made (image courtesy of monochrome-watches.com).


MeisterSinger is known for watches with only one hand that tells the time in five-minute increments around the dial (no seconds hand either).

Here is an example of one of my favorites of the brand:


In the Peter Henlein edition, the brand has added the effect of two hands in a creative and ingenious way — the inner ring of Roman numerals and a second accent on the meistersinger-peter-henlein-up-closecentral hand that points to the inner ring in order to indicate the hour.

And in order to attain COSC certification as an excellent time keeper, a seconds hand was also added, which I think is great because it provides the only continuous movement one can enjoy in a non-skeletonized watch.

I did not see information regarding the thickness of the watch (that is, how high off the wrist it wears), and I hope it is no more than 12 mm and preferably 10 mm. In any event, it immediately became the week’s love affair.


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