Jimi Hendrix water color progress

I continue to enjoy pen drawing plus water color, this time with Jimi Hendrix as a subject.  The painting here was done very quickly, as a throw-away (I didn’t put any care into the drawing as I was intending to play with the crazy colors to the right, assuming they would be a terrible mess).

Hendrix 1.Vinchesi art

The crazy things is, every painting I’ve done since this one, with serious intention, is nowhere near as loose and appealing (not saying this one worked).  I am learning the hard way that in water color, fast is best (really cannot over-work the paper with changes) and one must just go for it — if it works, great, if not, do another one.


The challenge for me is that I get invested in certain drawings and don’t want to screw up a good drawing, so I end up torturing the paper until it is ruined…

But for every 20 failures perhaps they’ll be a good painting that makes it.

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