Which one is your favorite?

When painting a portrait, I refuse to use tracing paper or a projector or other methods that cheat on efforts to draw free-hand. It just seems wrong to me, but maybe that’s just a hangup.

I thought I’d juxtapose several of my recent efforts on the Hendrix series and look at some crazy distortions that have occurred at the level of drawing (before any paint hits the page).

I can’t decide yet which of these works in progress is going to become my favorite, would love to hear what you think.

3 Jimis.Vinchesi

4 thoughts on “Which one is your favorite?

    1. Thank you for picking one, I also like that one as the proportions seem correct. I am not quite finished with any of them, although that always worries me as there is the risk of spoiling a decent painting. The bandanna he is wearing is an interesting aspects of the question of whether to leave as white space, which I tend to think adds to the artistry, or fill it in with some color. I guess I have some decisions to make.

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        1. I want to thank you again for your comments on this post, I was influenced by your feedback and have declared this painting “done”, and am now laboring over where to sign it, and whether I will use black pen, or sign it with paint. I really love this particular painting, which feels good after getting frustrated with so many of my others.

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