New View of Hardwood

I grew up in an all-American suburb where inexpensive wall-to-wall carpeting was the norm and in my 20s in New York city I didn’t like at all the idea of hardwood floors and area rugs. But some years later I realized that some of the familiarity of childhood is not necessarily consistent with aesthetically superior choices, and so now I certainly adore a beautiful hardwood floor.

In almost every room I’ve seen, hardwood is laid in parallel across a whole floor (whether the two-inch or ten-inch varieties, etc.), and it always looks great. At a restaurant yesterday I noticed immediately a unique pattern and wanted to share it.

Hardwood floor in squares instead of straight

I’m sure this is common in many structures, but I don’t recall seeing it before.

I like to say that Design is Destiny, and this includes the building components themselves, the way they are arranged, and the way they are built.

All of the home-improvement shows on HGTV and other channels suggest to me that appreciation for quality design is on the upswing after 50 years of building components turning into garbage and after countless stained glass windows having been painted over.

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