Truffle Love

My wife signed us up for “membership” in a truffle farm in France, which entitles us to fresh truffles each year and a part of the farm that is “ours” (such marketing….), and upon receiving our first shipment we wasted no time in preparing a fresh pasta and cream sauce.

Truffle love

It felt quite decadent to shave the truffle as seen in the photo above, and it was very enjoyable of course.

I’ll say that one of the best meals of our lives took place in Italy, and the method of shaving was quite different: the truffle was grated into very small pieces, as if it were parmesan cheese, and I’d say that the effect was superior.

Regarding the pasta we made at home, the photo affirms that we succeeded in getting the sauce to cling rather well to the noodles, and I’ll count this among life’s small yet grand pleasures.

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