Discovering Sauerkraut

I have never eaten sauerkraut and have actively pushed it off my plate in any restaurant.

Recently my wife got hooked on the Trader Joe’s brand and offered some to me for medicinal purposes (a good end-run) and I tried it, and liked it (it tasted so “healthy” as I crunched through it).

She then upped the ante and decided to make some on her own, and the chemistry behind sauerkraut is a lot of fun, as it turns out.

Apparently all you do is chop up some cabbage, add salt, and then wait a few days for the chemical transformation to work its magic. The salted cabbage plus the weight of a smaller jar causes a release of liquid that begins to expand upwards.

Her latest batch has red cabbage and you can see its intense color making itself known as time passes…

Sauerkraut Creation

You can also see the bubbles in the picture on the right — the process becomes quite animated, with active bubbling after a few days.

Good times.

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